Tips of teaching kids to code
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8 tips of teaching kids to code

It sounds too fantastic to hear that a child of 7 years created an app for managing the activities to be held in Haridwar Kumbh Mela in the year 2021? Of course that must have set your expectations from your kid high too and you must be keen on getting your hands on a few tips of teaching kids to code. Because if someone else’s kid could do that, then so can yours!

Now, do you want your kid to also develop software like knowing about each and every location/rivers/mountains in different countries or say an app helping women know potentially dangerous areas while also listing out the local police stations or say an app that helps the government officials get a real time update of which MLAs aren’t performing well on their promise.

Sounds exciting right? Well, with gradual nurturing your kids in the right direction, the same can be done too.

Given all the noise around it, Coding is increasingly becoming an area of choice for parents to equip their kids in. Now, there are multiple ways to go about it and multiple tips of teaching kids to code. Many easy languages are available online like Scratch, JavaScript, Java, Python, Lua, C++, and C#, that increasingly becoming the more popular languages for the kids to learn. But the question is how to make the teaching of code easy and interesting.


Tips of teaching kids to code

different tips of teaching kids to code

There are few tips of teaching kids to code that can help the parents and teachers greatly- 

  1. Define coding: Before getting to know the tips of teaching kids to code all parents and teachers must know what the kids know and what they do not. One can start with basics, one can explain with analogies, one can use examples. If the child is the beginner, start with grasping fundamental concepts, simply like instructions given to the computer to do something step by step commands. 
  2. Talk about coding languages: When we talk or communicate we need to take the help of any language, same way if we want the computer to follow our command, it requires some language to communicate with. This is the primary task to deal with computers to pass instructions. Different languages can be used like Java, C++, Python, Scratch, Lua, and many more. All have different importance. So, in addition to teaching the kids these languages, also try and incorporate them into daily life too. For instance, ask them what all codes or logical sequences will they have to include if they have to write a code for chapati making. 
  3. Get kids to develop an interest in learning code: First of all, we have to generate interest in the kids by giving them practical examples and experiences to which they can use the coding. If your kid has a preference for playing football, you simply cannot force feed them into learning coding. However, they would definitely love to create an app that could help teach others how to improve their football skills. Respecting their likes and interests and then interweaving the same into coding can make your kids learn faster and do better.
  4. Explain definitions: Let the kids be explained the meaning of all definitive words. Kids must have some light readings and learning of definitive concepts. Then start coding with small sentences with their family and friends. Do not rush them into doing something great and fancy. Start small.
  5. Enlist expert help: It is inevitable that parents may encounter some types of roadblocks when it comes to teaching code to kids. It might be some advanced and complex concepts or even the fact that the parents’ background is not of a technical nature. However, an expert can fill that gap in. So, why no enlist one?
  6. Two-way communication: Most of the online coding lectures are just like giving lectures and no interactive sessions. This makes the learning of coding boring and burdensome. Always, go for a coding program that supports two-way communication. Otherwise, you may end up spending oodles of money, the kid will end up wasting a lot of time and nothing will come out of it. Now, we don’t think that you would want a situation like that to happen.


So, dear fellow parents, these were some simple and yet very critical things to keep in mind if you are planning to teach coding to your kids. Hope these tips of teaching kids to code helped. In case you feel that there is more to add, do let us know in the comments below and we would love to make this blog even more comprehensive!

We will be back with another good topic soon.

Till then, stay tuned!

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