How to learn GST accounting online
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How to learn GST accounting online?


The Goods and Services Tax (GST), regarded as one of the country’s largest tax reforms, subsumes multiple indirect taxes levied by the Centre and the State, such as excise, VAT and service tax. It is imposed on all products and services sold in the country. GST has become so integral part of the economy that questions like “How to learn GST accounting online” , “Where can I learn GST online” etc are making rounds on the internet.

As India’s most extensive tax reform, GST would allow the Indian economy’s real GDP growth to reach 6.75 percent in this fiscal year, with estimates for 2018-19 of 7 to 7.5 percent real GDP growth. SMEs and small taxpayers have benefited from a variety of relaxations of the GST scheme. The new GST system operates under a canopy of strong technical support, and in the coming months, we should expect more GST services to be digitalized. Compared to the previous regime, MSMEs are now less dependent on tax experts due to a streamlined return filing system. It was wise to rationalize the composition scheme and implement the quarterly filing option for taxpayers with turnover below Rs 1.5 crores. It is, therefore, imperative to learn GST accounting online. 

Why learn GST accounting online?


Why learn GST accounting online

Before answering the question of how to learn GST accounting online, it’s very important to know why do we actually need it? There must be a great accountant for any excellent organisation. Many organisations are digital today, but the need for trained accountants to keep track of an organisation’s finances remains as critical as ever. But by studying online, students can become great accountants. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to learn GST accounting online.

  1. Learning new skills, particularly in accounting demand, while there is also a shortage of trained instructors throughout India to teach accounting courses. This is why online accounting is a perfect way to learn new skills and do so with a minimal loss of time.
  2. In towns and cities where they live, people living in smaller towns and cities in India have no way of learning a topic as important and complex as accounting. This is why learning GST accounting online is the preferred way to master the subject for aspiring accountants.
  3. Another reason why it is a great way to learn GST accounting online is simply that doing so saves people from the drudgery of a regular commute to and from a classroom. This is particularly useful for people with physical disabilities and those who do not move to and from a school daily.
  4. Online learning is also beneficial because considerable money in travel costs is saved as the student does not travel to a classroom. While most regular courses take time to develop a curriculum for complex new topics such as GST, today certified instructors teach online courses on such subjects.
  5. Online accounting courses easily incorporate curriculum changes that allow students to stay updated with changes in subjects such as GST, Income Tax and TDS. These courses integrate teaching software such as Busy, which often does not include regular courses in their curriculum.

How to learn GST accounting online?

You can easily learn GST accounting online with various e-learning certificate courses. You can register and enrol in many classes online on different platforms and can choose from an array of courses and decide which one is the most suitable.

You can also get to attend webinars and learn how to handle errors and mismatches while filing returns. There are many websites online that teach for free, and for advanced knowledge, you might have to pay a meagre fee. Apart from them, there are also different apps that teach GST accounting, where you can watch tutorials and understand the full concept. You can learn many concepts like-

  1. How to upgrade tally to GST version- You need to update it to a new version 6.0, including the GST feature, before you can do something about GST in Tally.
  2. How to enable GST details in tally- It is now time to set up GST information in Tally after you updated Tally to the latest Tally edition. 9. ERP. To do that, you have to allow GST in Tally first and then configure all the information. In essence, you need to enter the GST number, the date on which it applies, and so on. Once you enter all the information, Tally’s appropriate GST-related entries will be easy for you to pass.
  3. GST accounting entries in tally- It is as simple as passing quick purchase and sales entries in Tally to pass GST Accounting Entries in Tally. You only have to adjust some settings and set the prices for various goods or services you offer.
  4. How to create GST invoice in tally- It is essential to build the GST Invoice in the correct format because you can be penalized for that if you do not comply with the law. Fortunately, in Tally.ERP 9, the GST Invoice is prepared to take all the GST law rules and regulations into consideration.

All these and many more concepts can be learnt online quickly and easily. 

How does Campxeye help to learn GST accounting online?

CampXeye is your one true answer to- ” How to learn GST accounting online?” India’s first digital education platform, CampXeye, offers GST courses online to provide experts with a 360-degree insight into GST within the comfort and privacy of your home. This course aims to turn you from a GST novice to a GST expert. Our live online classes are structured and clarified simply and conceptually so that even beginners can quickly catch up with any complicated GST provisions and understand them. We include a step-by-step method of clarity, realistic examples and case studies, in-depth review and Q&A sessions to help you develop a full-scale understanding of GST. You can head over to the link for further information. 

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