How does learning Vedic Maths help your child?
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How does learning Vedic Maths help your child?


When children grow up, many of them find mathematics to be a difficult topic. Not every child is capable of mastering the mathematics curriculum. However, in today’s competitive environment, children must turn their flaws into strengths that will lift them. Similarly, they can’t use the excuse that math isn’t an exciting topic or that it’s too difficult. They must discover the answer to learn it. “Vedic Maths” is one method for helping children develop their mathematical skills.

What is Vedic Maths for kids?

Mathematical techniques passed down from ancient civilisations were used to establish the mathematics that children study today. Like the Chinese with their abacus and the Japanese with their Kumon system, India has its own Vedic maths system. The Vedas – ancient Indian scriptures taught by scholars or Gurus – are the source of Vedic math. The word (and concept) Vedas means “source/fountainhead of knowledge” when translated into English. Vedic math appeals to children because it is one of the quickest abstract methods of calculation. Vedic math can help kids make fast calculations, which can come in handy in everyday life and during stressful exams. Simple numeric problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are simpler for children using the Vedic math method. It can also be used to solve complex math problems like algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Vedic maths for kids should be taught to them from a young age as an additional skill to help them in their adult and school lives.

How does learning Vedic Maths help your child?

In this millennium, Vedic Mathematics is rapidly gaining popularity. It is regarded as the only mental math method suitable for children, as it aids in developing both numerical and mental abilities. The methods are novel and realistic, and they just teach Mental Math. The scheme focuses on teaching fundamentals and alternative approaches to improve intelligence. The goal is to boost grades or test scores and provide a broader perspective that leads to increased mathematical intelligence and mental sharpness.

Benefits of learning Vedic Maths

Every child is encouraged to learn mathematics with mental calculations in Vedic mathematics. As Vedic Math is practised in all of its forms, it can help students solve difficult mathematical problems. Is Vedic math handy for kids? Here’s the answer to your question. Let’s look at some of the benefits of learning Vedic Maths.

Benefits of learning Vedic Maths
  1. Vedic maths is a system for calculating maths that is easy to use. People who enjoy math calculations are one step ahead of the game when it comes to solving problems. However, for children who are not gifted in mathematics, solving mathematics poses a significant challenge; however, they must answer the questions, so Vedic mathematics simplifies their struggle and provides them with a tool by which they can quickly solve the problems.
  2. Remembering the steps and formulas for extensive calculations consumes a significant amount of mental capacity. However, Vedic mathematics is a simple solution that requires little effort to remember the steps and formulas. Vedic mathematics also improves memory and focus.
  3. Vedic mathematics teaches you how to solve any problem, no matter how difficult. It improves the ability to solve cube roots, triangles, square roots, and squares problems.
  4. Creativity is a capability that is in high demand in both the workplace and the classroom. Children are being pushed to be more inventive. Using both the left and right sides of the brain, Vedic mathematics enhances one’s imaginative side. Vedic math enables children to solve problems of varying complexity in innovative ways.
  5. The best thing about Vedic math is that it is useful for both fast and slow learners. It aids in the development of fast learners’ imagination and intellect. With Vedic math, they become even more effective in their calculations. This stream of math, on the other hand, is ideal for slow learners. It is more effective than any other approach in helping them understand and grasp math concepts. As a result, Vedic math works for all students, regardless of their learning style.
  6. Vedic math might be the best choice if you want your children to have a holistic understanding of math and its origins. This branch of mathematics keeps your mind sharp for your children. It also increases their calculation versatility. This unusual branch of mathematics will significantly benefit your children.


Vedic math is an incredible way to study math. Encourage your children to try Vedic math, which will help them make faster calculations and better understand the topic.

How does CampXeye aids in learning Vedic Maths for your child?

Vedic Maths is the world’s fastest mental maths system. It is, therefore, necessary that this stream of maths is being taught to students from an early age. We at CampXeye offer many courses for learning and understanding Vedic maths for children. This course is designed keeping the needs of various school students in mind. It helps you calculate faster with efficiency Students benefit the most from our Certified three months Vedic Maths Course. This Vedic Maths online course for students is customised for each student in terms of course content. There are just 16 jaw-dropping Sutras or word Formula, which solve all known mathematical problems in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus branches. They are easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember. The system is wonderfully interrelated and unified. For further information, visit the link given. 

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