How can I learn English in 6 months
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How can I learn English in 6 months?


It can certainly be overwhelming to have the idea of learning a new language. So many phrases! Unusual grammar like that! Perhaps even an entirely new alphabet to learn from scratch. Learning a language, however, is not something that needs to take years and years of study. As adults, many people become adept in multiple languages. And one of the most necessary languages that people work upon is English. There is no doubt that English speaking is a prerequisite in all spheres of life. It is not merely any second language that one should know. It has now become a skill that should be acquired if one wants to succeed in their careers and workplaces. One of the necessary skills that people look for in resumes is proficiency in spoken English. Therefore, it is essential that if one wants to step up the ladder and gain new life opportunities, one must be fluent in English.

The statistics also show that English is the most common language understood and spoken by 1.6 billion people, making it all the most necessary to master it. English is also one of those languages which can help one understand other languages. It is like a base for other languages. It’s a hybrid language comprised of Latin, Germanic, and Romance elements. So, it is a language that is worth learning. But can you learn English in 6 months? If yes, the next question that arises is “How can I learn English in 6 months?”. Well worry not, we are here to solve all your doubts!

Can I learn English in 6 months?

While learning English is not a humongous task, questions like can it be learned in 6 months need to be thought of. It is not like that it is an impossible task to learn English in 6 months, but you would require practice and patience to attain full fluency. It completely depends on the person. If he is willing to give it all to learn English, he can learn English in 6 months. But as they say, there is nothing like perfection. You can learn English in 6 months but not master the language in such a short time. But with the technology at your disposal, learning English in 6 months is not that challenging. You can easily attain anything and start training to become fluent in English yourself.

How can I learn English in 6 months?


Ways to learn English in 6 months

The next question that arises is when one can learn English in 6 months, what could be the probable steps or ways to learn English in 6 months. With these simple tips, you can begin your journey to learning English in 6 months.

  1. Start by setting objectives– This is the real preparation to start learning anything. You can have a planned approach by defining a goal. Set a realistic objective to begin at a basic level and see yourself approaching a higher level slowly. You must also set a deadline and achieve the set goal in the time that may come.
  2. Plan a strategy- It is now time to plan a strategy once you have a set goal. But, before anything else, you need to make sure that every day you give English some time. You’ll be able to learn English quickly if you keep up your dedication, and English will become your habit.
  3. Find a good teacher– There are many ways to learn it online and offline, now that English is a global language. You must look for a good teacher if you want to stick to the old-school approach. But you can take the online route if you are willing to embrace the latest and, of course, more effective methods. To gain fluency in English, the online world gives you everything it takes. To clarify your fundamental concepts, you will get basic tutorials, and then you will have advanced tutorials to teach you the complexities of the language. Some of the resources that you can use include-
  4. Read and read- Get some nice books that teach Basic English grammar; if you know the basic idea, step towards advanced books. Purchase books and read the newspaper as well. This is an excellent way to develop your vocabulary. Write down all the new words that you read and search for the meanings of them.
  5. Be notes ready- To learn new terms, you will need good newspapers, magazines, and novels. Also, keep a notebook and pencil ready while sitting in front of your TV set, and write down the new and fancy words.
  6. Learning with entertaining- In English, movies, and series are effective means of teaching you English at an advanced stage. This does not mean that you can wait to start watching them once you understand the fundamentals. Early start. Even if you are at a basic level, start watching TV shows and English movies. It will improve the process by surrounding yourself with English.
  7. Practice is the key- Anything you like, you can practice, but you still have to understand the grammar, right? Oh, yeah. But grammar study does not have to be the tedious trawling in school through books and verb tables. This can be the thing that hampers your attempts to get fluent quickly. Look it up if you find a certain grammatical form while people are talking to you! It will explain the logic and encourage you to integrate it into your speech (back to step one!), which is much better than learning isolated grammar.
  8. Share and learn– Have friends who post in English online in your newsfeed.  Don’t gloss over them; instead, scan the items they share and commit to exploring one or two each day. They might be articles in news or magazines, videos, talks, blog posts, songs, or whatever else: if it’s in English and you’re interested in the subject, it’s going to be helpful!
  9. Listen to what they say– A critical part of the language-learning process is listening. It makes up 40-50 percent of our contact. But learning English isn’t just about learning and saying new words. It’s about listening and understanding, as well. There are many avenues to improve your listening, like Listening to podcasts about subjects you’re interested in. Try downloading those explicitly intended for ESL/EFL students if you think these podcasts are way too advanced.
  10. Learn while enjoying- Learning is enjoyable when you do it right, make new native friends or use technology advantages, and you can see fantastic speaker videos and learn a lot from them on social media sites such as your tube.


English can be learned fluently. Since millions and millions of people around the world have shown, it’s possible to do it. The more you practice, make mistakes, and talk, the quicker you get to speak English fluently. Why not start today, then?

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