Best Robot Toys for Kids
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Best Robotic Toys for Kids

Best Robotic Toys for Kids


Kids have always loved robots and the parents themselves have never stopped fascinating about building one either. Such is the field of Robotics after all that it interests anyone and everyone. Now, while you may or may not want to push your kid into learning the complexities of the field, it is always a good idea to gift them something constructive. If we talk about Robot as gifts for kids then, not just would engaging in robo-building sharpen the child’s sense of creativity and logic but it will also develop in them the constructive habit of building things and of course patience too.

Best Robotic Toys for Kids – 2021

Enough said, let us now stick to what this blog topic entails. Here are the best robotic toys for kids to encourage all curious minds:

  1. Think Gizmos RoboShooter Remote Control Robot

It is one of the top robot gifts for kids. This robot essentially replaces the duck hunt which most 1990s/80s kids would have played at some point in time. The robot essentially has to be loaded with the discs, balanced using a remote and then the shots are to be fired. You can even program the robot ahead of time to move and fire on its own for a surprise attack.

When you touch the ‘dance button,’ the robot shows its moves and not only that, but it  can also walk forward, backward, right, and left. The robot greets you by saying, “Greetings, master, I await your command.” It uses six AA batteries, which do not come included with the robot, thus better to stock batteries as kids will want to start using this one pronto.

The robot is one of the best robotic toys for kids and is suitable for ages five and up.

  1. LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

The Lego Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy is another one of the best robot toys for kids, and it can be created very quickly and is also an inexpensive robot kit. It consists of everything you need for building a robot-explorer, a robot bird, and a robot dog. The robot does not talk, move or dance electronically, but has the feature of movable tracks and body parts for lots of kid-powered and imaginative fun. It requires two batteries and includes cool power features like light-up eyes and a light-up jetpack.

  1. Ozobot Bit Maker Starter Pack

The robot powers are pretty significant in this one though it is just one cubic inch in size. Kids use unique markers to draw on a coded paper or the screen of tablet devices, and thus maintain the robot’s control. The Ozobot then follows the instructions as directed by the codes. Kids are then will be fascinated by their newfound power and receive a taste of coding as well.

The particular pack comes with four markers, a charging cable, stickers, and more than 20 suggested activities and games. It requires one lithium battery and is recommended for ages eight and above. It is one of the best robot toys for kids and educational purposes also.

  1. SmartGurlz Coding Robot for little Girls, Jen on Robotic Scooter

Maria, a doll with a robotic “Siggy” motorbike is set to be programmed by the little coders and is part of the award-winning line of SmartGurlz toys. They utilize the SugarCoded application on a cell phone or tablet to send the bot on missions. 

Intended for youngsters ages five and above, it’s an excellent method to present STEM and coding aptitudes in a fun and interactive way. It runs on one nine-volt battery (excluded); however, you can buy a battery-powered model as well.

  1. LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Star Wars fans will flip for this pack that lets them fabricate their droid themselves. It incorporates all that is required to build a sturdy droid, including the electric blocks and parts, a nine-volt battery, and an application that guides them. Suggested for youngsters ages eight and up, it’s intended to be straightforward enough for them to build without guardians’ assistance, so they feel a feeling of achievement. The droid operates in drive mode (kids control it through the application), self-nav mode (the intelligent bot contains a “mind” of its own), and even power mode, where children can manage it with the necessary flood of a hand. Children and grown-ups will be overwhelmed by the things this droid can do, and it is one of the robotic gifts for kids.

  1. ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot Moving Building Modeling System

This pack offers a starting course in mechanical technology as it contains all the things that children require to assemble their cool bot. It accompanies 49 pieces, two wheels, a drawback two-wheel engine, four tires, and calm, light-up eyes. Directions to construct four ZOOB-Bots are incorporated, similar to the necessary battery. Children can go by the book or build up their manifestations as their creative mind is the best guide. The pieces snap together, and they work with other ZOOB packs for extended structure. 

This robot is suggested for a long time six up and at a reasonable value, it’s an excellent method to get kids intrigued by advanced mechanics and begin assembling those STEM aptitudes.

  1. Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

Pre-schoolers will be entranced by the Kinderbot, a magnificent little robot from Fisher-Price that will play around with them, show them tones and shapes, and a lot more. From coding to changing the robot into various characters, the games are on when the Kinderbot is on. The toy runs on four C batteries, which are incorporated to start directly out of the container.


Now, while we listed out the best Robotic Toys for kids engage in, it goes without saying that you wouldn’t want your child to just keep playing with robots all the time. Probably, you would want to do them more than just an assembly-disassembly.

So, and given the nature of what we do, we are listing out a few instructional kits that you can introduce your kids to if you would want them to learn robotics in the first place. Now, we do not want to be pushy but we would definitely like to tell you that students with prior experience in robotics are amongst those who are most valued for a Master’s in Electronics/Mechatronic engineering across Europe and the US. The probability of someone with robotics on their SOP getting into a college of repute increases by over 75% as against someone with other achievements (as per a report by 

Anyway, here are the resources that we were talking about

  1. Beginners Coding Kit
  2. Beginners Robotics
  3. DIY Robotics
  4. Robo Freedom Challenge

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